Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Recommended Children's and Pedagogy Literature: 1930s and Arts Integration

I recommend the following books for use when teaching the era of the 1930s to students in intermediate-level grades:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Classroom Scrapbooking

Using scrapbooking as an instructional technique for reinforcing content learning is gaining popularity with teachers. A method presented by Heidi Willard suggested having students dedicate one scrapbook page to each major content topic. On the front of the page, students include pictures of themselves participating in a hands-on activity relating to the topic (they use classroom cameras for this purpose) and they draw on the page or add pictures and text to demonstrate an understanding of the topic. On the back of the page, students write a one-page overview describing what they know about the topic. Students collect all their scrapbook pages into a single notebook that could serve as a classroom portfolio.

Click here for presentation notes by Heidi Willard on the topic of classroom scrapbooking. It was delivered during the National Council for Social Studies Annual Conference