Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Nine Themes of Visual Arts by Fredrick B. Lanuza, Ph.D.

The elements listed below were developed by Dr. Fredrick Lanuza and presented at the Computer-Using Educators Annual Conference in 2008.

  1. The Subject: Describe what you see — person, place, thing
  2. Reasons: Determine the purpose of the work in societal, chronological, and environmental terms
  3. Lines: Identify line directions and types (e.g., straight, curvy, rhythmic)
  4. Colors: Describe the hue (name), value (level of lighting, brightness), and intensity (brightness, dullness)
  5. Form: Describe apparent shapes — regular vs. irregular, definite vs. suggestive
  6. Texture: Consider materials used, surface quality, and smooth/rough aspects
  7. Focal Points: To what part of the picture are the eyes drawn?
  8. Imagination: What does the picture conjure for the beholder?
  9. Judgment: What elements of the picture does the audience like and dislike?
Note: The first eight themes may be addressed in any order, but “Judgment” must not occur until after addressing all other eight themes.

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